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Team Tax2000
Sheri L. Atkins. President. – Sheri is the founder of Tax2000. She is a former auditor with over 27 years experience in the tax and accounting field. She enjoys the continuous challenges of tax law and accounting application, which is why she is well known for her aggressive tactics when dealing with tax issues. She has a passion to help people even if they are in the stickiest of situations. Sheri states, “Helping people and saving them money is what I’m good at and its what I love to do. It was always my passion, so I took the leap for what I loved.

Sheri is one of those people you can’t help to love when you meet her. She is personable and understanding of every situation she is faced with. She has a strong Christian faith that guides her in all areas of her life. Sheri and her husband, Richie Atkins, have three daughters and one son. They also have two poodles that are usually residing around Sheri at her desk while she works. In her spare time, Sheri loves spending time with her family and close friends.
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